What Causes Sewer Backup in Basement

The sewer drain is connected to the basement of your home. So, when the sewer drain overflow, the first place to get flooded is the basement. Keeping the sewer drain free from clog is the responsibility of the homeowners if you want to prevent flooding in your basement. The following are 4 common causes of sewer backup in the basement. 

What Causes Sewer Backup in Basement

  1. Clogged Drains

The most common reason for a sewer backup is a clog. They are the things that you have to flush down your sink and shower drain hole such as food, grease, and hair. If your drain is clogged, you will need to open the drain cover and pick up all the rubbish. It is dirty work and you also have to bear the bad odor. 

You can hire a plumber if you are not used to cleaning a sewer drain. The plumber will first inspect the sewer drain to find out what is causing the clog. They can also inspect the pipe that connects to the sewer drain in front of your house. After that, the plumber will use the appropriate tool to remove the clog. For stubborn clogs, the plumber can use high-pressure water jet to spray them. 

  1. Tree Roots

Sometimes, tree roots can grow into the sewer drain and cause major rupture because they sought after the water in the drain. Roots can also wrap themselves around the drain and cause cracks. In this case, you will either have to chop down the tree or have it moved to another place that is far from the sewer. A plumber will be able to saw off the roots that have intercepted into the drain. It is best to clear the landscape around the drain. Even small trees and plants have to be moved as their roots are strong enough to penetrate the pipes. 

  1. Deterioration of Drain Line

A sewer backup can also be caused by the deterioration of the drain line. This can happen in older homes where the plumbing lines are made of cast iron and clay. You can get a plumber to replace the clay piping with the more durable HDPE piping. Earthquakes and insufficient ground support can also cause damage to the sewer pipes.   

  1. Heavy Rainfall

Heavy rainfall can exceed the capacity of the sewer line. Too much water will cause them to flow back to your sewer line. The overflowing water will make its way back to the sewer line. In these circumstances, you can get a plumber to remove the excess water that has entered the basement. Drain water is dirty and contaminated so it is best handled by a professional plumber. 

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